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The Giver Study Questions

1. What had frightened Jonas about a year ago?
2. What punishment does somone receive in the community for a major wrong doing?
3. What did the family do after eating the evening meal?
4. What problem did Lily tell about?
5. What was Jonas's father concerned about?

Chapter 2
1. What rule had Jonas's father broken?
2. Who is the Receiver?
3. How were people in Jonas's community assigned jobs?
4. What is a comfort object?
5. At what age does everyone stop celebrating birthdays?

Chapter 3
1. What physical feature do Jonas and Gabe have in common?
2. How are babies born in Jonas's community?
3. What job does Jonas think Lily shoud be assigned?
4. Why will Lily be receiving a public announcement?
5. Why did Jonas take the apple from the Recreation area?

Chapter 4
1. What do the children do between ages 8-12 in Jonas's community?
2. What volunteer work do Jonas, Asher, and Fiona do in this chapter?
3. What was the name of the elderly person who had an exciting life?
4. Why did Larissa think that Edna's life had been boring?
5. What happens during the release ceremony?

Chapter 5
1. What does Jonas's family do each morning?
2. What is Lily's dream?
3. What was Jonas's dreams?
4. At what age does dreamtelling begin?
5. What is the treatment for stirrings?

Chapter 6
1. What special thing do children age 7 get?
2. What happened to Gabe the day of Naming and Placement?
3. What happened to Caleb?
4. What happened regarding Caleb at the ceremony?
5. What happens at the Ceremony of Nines?

Chapter 7
1. What is Jonas's number?
2. What two words did Asher confuse when he was three?
3. What is Asher's assignment?
4. What is Fiona's assignment
5. What happens when it is Jonas's turn?

Chapter 8
1. Why does the Chief Elder apologize?
2. What has Jonas been selected to do?
3. How is the training for Receiver different than the training for other assignments?
4. What are the essential attributes of a Receiver?
5. How does the community react to Jonas's being made the new Receiver of Memory?

Chapter 9
1. How do Jonas's parents feel about his assignment?
2. How does Jonas feel about his upcoming training.
How did Jonas feel after reading his training instructions?
4. What is the final rule of his training?
5. What are the children taught never to do?

Chapter 10
1. What was the first unsual thing that Jonas noticed when he went to his job for the first time?
2. How did the Giver look?
3. What was the job of the Receiver?
4. Why is Jonas confused about the job of Receiver.
5. How does Jonas feel at the start of his training?

Chapter 11
1. What was the first memory the Giver gave Jonas?
2. What happened to the Giver after transmitting the memory?
3. Why doesn't it snow in Jonas's community?

4. What is the second thing that Jonas experiences?
5. What is the last thing Jonas experiences?

Chapter 12
1. Why does Jonas feel different at school the day after he began job training?
2. Why was Jonas late for his second day of training?
3. What was Jonas experiencing for the first time?
4. What color did Jonas see?
5. What memory did the Giver give Jonas so that he could see other colors?

Chapter 13
1. Why did the Giver say the community went to sameness?
2. What disturbing memory did the Giver give Jonas?
3. Could the Receiver apply for a spouse?

4. What happened to the memories when the last receiver failed ten years ago?
5. Why did Jonas ask the Giver to give him painful memories?

Chapter 14
1. What lingering pain did the Giver give Jonas?
2. What other pain does Jonas experience?
3. What problem did Gabriel have?
4. What happened if twins were born in the community?
5. What did Jonas do when Gabriel woke up in the middle of the night?

Chapter 15
1. What was wrong with the Giver when Jonas arrived?
2. Why did Jonas take the memory of war from the Giver?
3. What clues are given that tells us this is a memory of war?
4. What happened to the man Jonas saw in the memory?
5. Why did the Giver feel guilty for giving Jonas the memory of war?

Chapter 16
1. What kind of memories did the Giver give Jonas after the memory of war?
2. What does Jonas learn about when the Giver gives him a memory of a family?
3. What lie did Jonas tell his parents?
4. What happened when Gabriel slept in a room without Jonas?
5. What did Jonas throw away?

Chapter 17
1. What unscheduled event did the Speaker announce?
2. Why was Jonas upset about what the children were playing?
3. What is Gabe able to do now?
4. What event does his father have schedule for the next day?
5. What is Lily good at?

Chapter 18
1. Why is Jonas not looking forward to the end of his training?
2. When did they change the rules about a Receiver being able to ask about Release?
3.Who was the Receiver that failed?
4. What sad memory did the Giver give to her?
5. What happened after her release?

Chapter 19
1. What event does Jonas watch on the video screen?
2. Where did the newborn receive his shot?
3. What happened to the new child after the shot?
4. What is Release?
5. How does Jonas's father act when he is releasing the infant?

Chapter 20
1. What was Jonas's reaction to watching the release?
2. Why does Release not effect Fiona?
3.What plan did Jonas and the Giver work out?
4. What is the one memory that the Giver hasn't given Jonas?
5. What was the Giver's daughters name?

Chapter 21
1. What happened the night Jonas stayed with the Giver?
2. Why does Jonas's plan for leaving change?
3. What rules does Jonas break in leaving?
4. After leaving the community when did Jonas sleep?
5. How does the community search for Jonas?

Chapter 22
1. What happened to Jonas during his fall of the bike?
2. What did Gabriel see that he thought was a plane?
3. What is becoming Jonas's biggest fear?
4. What animal did Jonas see that he had never seen before?
5. What do Jonas and Gabe eat in this chapter?

Chapter 23
1. How does the weather change?
2. Why does Jonas have to start walking?
3. What does Jonas find at the top of the hill?
4. What does Jonas see ahead of him?
5. How does the book end?