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The Hobbit Study Questions

Chapter 1
1. Who is Bilbo Baggins?
2. Write a brief description of a Hobbit?
3. What is Gandalf looking for when he arrives on Bilbo's doorstep?
4. What does Gandalf do with the spike on his staff before leaving Bilbo's home?
5. Name the dwarves that come to Bilbo's home?

Chapter 2
1. How does Bilbo know he wasn't dreaming about the party?
2. Who do the dwarves notice has gone missing?
3. What happens to the dwarves when they come to Bilbo's aid?
4. How does Gandalf defeat the trolls?
5. What do Gandalf and Thorin take from the cave?

Chapter 3
1. According to Gandalf what lay hidden somewhere not to far ahead of the travelers?
2. Who was Elrond?
3. What are moon letters?
4. Who was Durin?
5. What is Durin's day?

Chapter 4
1. How were the dwarves and Bilbo able to find their way up the mountain?
2. What were the stone giants doing?
3. What did Bilbo dream that evening?
4. Why were the goblins upset when they saw Thorin's sword?
5. What happens to Bilbo at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 5
1. What does Bilbo find on the floor?
2. How was Bilbo able to see in the darkness?
3. Who is Gollum and where does he live?
4. What is the power of Gollum's ring?
5. Why don't the goblins pursue Bilbo once he is outside?

Chapter 6
1. What did Bilbo intend to do if he could not find Gandalf and the dwarves?
2. What did the dwarves want to do if there were no sign of Bilbo?
3. What noise did they hear as they stepped into the clearing?
4. Why did the ring not protect Bilbo from the wolves?
5. Who rescued the dwarves and Bilbo?

Chapter 7
1. Why did Bilbo pinch the eagle?
2. Why are the dwarves and Bilbo distressed by Gandalf's announcement?
3. What warning does Beorn give the travels about passing through Mirkwood?
4. What shadowy form did Bilbo think he had seen on the third evening of their journey?
5. What were Gandalf's final cautionary words?

Chapter 8
1. Why were Bilbo and the dwarves unable to cross over the bridge by the stream?
2. What happened to Bombur as he was getting into the boat?
3. Why do Bilbo and the dwarves stray from the path?
4. What attacks the dwarves?
5. What do the dwarves discover when they take a head count?

Chapter 9
1. Where did the Wood-elves take their captives?
2. How did the dwarves react to their interrogation by the Elvenking?
3. What does the Elvenking order his men to do?
4. How does Bilbo find that Thorin was being held captive in the dungeon?
5. Who helps the dwarves escape?

Chapter 10
1. Describe the scene as Bilbo approaches the region where the trees end.
2. Describe the town at the mouth of the Forest river.
3. Who inhabits the town?
4. Why were the raft-men elves surprised by the appearance of the dwarves?
5. How did the Elvenking respond to the news of the dwarves plan to slay the dragon and capture his treasure?

Chapter 11
1. Describe the appearance of Lonely Mountain?
2. Which dwarf tells Bilbo that he was in the Dale the dragon attacked?
3. What did Bilbo and his companions see on their scouting expedition?
4. Explain how Bilbo begans to take a role of leadership in their quest?
5. How does Bilbo finally unlock the riddle and find the secret door?

Chapter 12
1. How did the dwarves respond when Bilbo asked for volunteers to accompany him into the mountain?
2. What took Bilbo's breath away?
3. What did Bilbo carry back to the dwarves?
4. What can know dragon resist?
5. What does Bilbo see when he tricks the dragon into revealing his underside?

Chapter 13
1. Why do the dwarves finally relent and make their way down to Smaug's lair?
2. What does Bilbo confiscate from the mound of treasure?
3. What does Thorin offer Bilbo in return for his assistance?
4. In addition to gems and gold what else did the dwarves take?
5. Why did Thorin lead the group to the front gate?

Chapter 14
1. How do the townspeople interpret the flickering light at the end of the lake?
2. How do the townspeople react to the initial warnings from the Bard?
3. How does the Bard save the day?
4. What role does the thrush play in the demise of the dragon?
5. Who came to the Bard's aid to enable the townspeople to survive the approaching winter?

Chapter 15
1. Who is Roac?
2. What news does Roac bring to the dwarves?
3. What conditions does Thorin demand before he will negotiate with the Bard?
4. Why does the Bard say that his men deserve some of the treasure?
5. What is going to happen if Thorin doesn't negotiate with the Elves and the men?

Chapter 16
1. What does Thorin vow to do to anyone who withholds the Arkenstone?
2. Who was the thief in the night?
3. How was Bilbo able to escape?
4. Why did Bilbo give the Arkenstone to the Bard?
5. Who shows up just as Bilbo is returning to the camp?

Chapter 17
1. How does Bilbo defend himself against Thorin's accusations?
2. Why are Dain's people refused entry to the mountain?
3. Why did the war between the elves, dwarves, and the men end as quickly as it had begun?
4. What role does Bilbo play in this battle?
5. What is the "gleam in the gloom" and what role does it play in the battle?

Chapter 18
1. Who was sent to search for Bilbo?
2. Which of the dwarves were seriously injured?
3. What protagonist returned to do battle against the forces of evil?
4. What did Thorin do before he died?
5. Who became the new King Under the Mountain?

Chapter 19
1. Why did Gandalf leave Bilbo and the dwarves near Mirkwood?
2. What did Gandalf and Bilbo do with the trolls gold?
3. What is happening at Bilbo's house when he arrives home?
4. Why was Bilbo no longer considered respectable?

5. How does Bilbo still make use of his magic ring?