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A Wrinkle In Time Study Questions

Chapter 1
1. What problems has Meg been having during school?
2. What is Meg worried about?
3. Why does Meg envy her mother?
4. Describe the appearance of Mrs. Whatsit.
5. What does Mrs. Whatsit say that frightens Mrs. Murry?

Chapter 2
1. Who is Mr. Jenkins and why is Meg antagonistic toward him?
2. Why does Charles Wallace want to go to Mrs. Whatsit's house?

3. Charles Wallace and Calvin are both sports. What kind of sport are they talking about?
4. Describe Mrs. Who.

5. Why did she take Mrs. Buncombe's sheets?

Chapter 3
1. How does Calvin feel about his own family?
2. How does Calvin feel about the Murrys?
3. Why is Mrs. Murry upset?
4. How does Calvin make Meg stop crying and feeling sorry for herself?
5. Where does Charles Wallace think they are going?

Chapter 4
1. Why does Mrs. Who speak in quotes?
2. How did they end up on Uriel?
3. Why did they stop on Uriel?
4. What does Mrs. Whatsit change into?
5. What does Mrs. Whatsit show them on the summit of the mountain?

Chapter 5
1. Where do the children have to go?
2. What mistake does Mrs. Which make while they are tessering?
3. How old is Mrs. Whatsit?
4. Why do they go to see Happy Medium?
5. What is covering the Earth?

Chapter 6
1. Why did the darkness disappear?
2. What did Mrs. Whatsit use to be?
3. Why did Charles Wallace want to kiss Mrs. Whatsit?
4. What planet do the children go to?

5. What command does Mrs. Which give them?

Chapter 7
1. Who do the children meet when they get inside the Central Intelligence Building?
2. How do they resist being hypnotized?
3. Why does Charles Wallace hit the man?
4. What happens to Charles Wallace when he looks into the man's eyes for the first time?
5. What happens to Charles Wallace when he looks into the man's eyes for the second time?

Chapter 8
1. Who is the man who hypnotized Charles Wallace?
2. How does Calvin try to reach Charles Wallace?
3. Who is in charge of Camazotz?

4. Why are the people of Camazotz all the same?
5. What happened to the boy who dropped the ball in Chapter 6?

Chapter 9
1. How did Meg use Mrs. Who's glasses?
2. How does Meg rescue her father?
3. Why is Meg upset?
4. What is It?
5. How do they escape the power of It?

Chapter 10
1. How did Mr. Murry end up on Camazotz?
2. Why was It able to get Charles Wallace?
3. Where did they end up?
4. Why did they not bring Charles Wallace with them?
5. Why is Meg disappointed in her father?

Chapter 11
1. How do the beasts help Meg?
2. What makes Meg decide the beast is good?
3. What does Meg call the beast?
4. What is the planet they are on called?
5. What does Calvin call Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who
and Mrs. Which?

Chapter 12
1. Why is Meg the only one to go back for Charles Wallace?
2. How do Calvin and Meg's father react to the new that Meg must go back alone?
3. What does Mrs Which compare life to?
4. What does Meg have that It doesn't?
5. How does she use this power to save her brother?