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Dr. Seuss Internet Scavenger Hunt

1. The students will be able to identify facts about Dr. Seuss and his works.

2. The students will practice Internet search skills to find information about Dr. Seuss and his works.

Directions: Answer the following questions. Use the links provided to answer the questions.

1. Dr. Seuss's real name is Theodore Geisel. How did he come up with the name Dr. Seuss and why did he write under this name?

2. Dr. Seuss loved learning and used rhyme in his books to teach children basic reading skills. How do we honor his contribution to education today and when did we begin to celebrate his contribution to education?

3. What Dr. Seuss book was written using only fifty words and why did Dr. Seuss use only fifty words?

4. Two of Dr. Seuss's featured political issues. What were the two books and what is you opinion of the political statement that these two books made?

5. What was the title of the first book published by Dr. Seuss and how did it change the field of children's literature?

6. "He didn't much care for Christmas at all. Could it be that his heart was two sizes too small?" This quote is from one of Dr. Seuss's many books. Identify the book that this quote came from and name the director who turned this book into a movie and the actor who played the character described in the quote.

7. Dr. Seuss published over 40 books. Identify five of these books. (Do not use any of the books already mentioned in the scavenger hunt.)

8. A United States theme park has an area in honor of Dr. Seuss. Name the theme park and the area?

9. Many of Dr. Seuss's books feature animals. Identify five different animals found in Dr. Seuss books.

10. The town that Dr. Seuss was born built a monument to honor him. Name the town that he was born in and describe what the monument features.