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Cultures of Nebraska Activity

Purpose: The purpose of this activity it to help students develop an awareness of their state.

1. The students will develop multimedia project skills.
2. The students will develop an awareness of the people and culture of Nebraska.
3. The students will practice locating information on the Internet.

Using the following links, the information that you gathered during our trips to Morrill Hall,a and the Kearney Archway as well as any other information that you can locate create a brochure that describes a racial or ethnic group from Nebraska and lists that groups contributions to Nebraska's culture and heritage. The racial or ethnic group used in the brochure could be one discussed during our field trips or could be one that is mentioned on the web pages listed below. The brochure should be designed using Microsoft Works. It should have three panels and it should include graphics.
It should describe the regions of Nebraska where this group has settled. It should describe when and why this group emigrated to Nebraska. It should also describe how this group has influenced Nebraska's culture and heritage.

Nebraska Cultures Links
Museum Links