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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located an when are you open?
The hours and location of the library are found on the Hours and Location page.

Do you accept donated books?
Carsonville Public Library does accept donated books. The books need to be clean, dry, and otherwise in good condition. We also prefer that the books are not more than ten years old. We do not accept textbooks. All books are evaluated for addition to the library's collection. Those books not added to the collection will be sold at the library's annual booksale. We are not able to return the materials not added to the collection. Book donations should be dropped off at the Carsonville Public Library. Please include your name and mailing address on each package so acknowledgement of the gift can be mailed. All donations are tax deductible. The donor is responsible for determining the value of the materials donated. The acknowledgement letter will contain the number of books donated and whether the books are hardcovered or paperback.

How much do library cards cost?
Library cards are free for residents of Carsonville and Cedar County. Non residents may purchase a card for $12 for one year.

How does one get a library card?
Patrons can get a library card and an account to use the electronic resources by filling out a registration form. The registration form shall include the following information supplied by the applicant.

When does my card expire?
For residences of Carsonville and Cedar county does not expire. If you move or get a new phone number notify us so that we can make adjustments to your record.

What do I do if I lost my card?
If you lose you card notify us immediately so we can make sure no one else uses your card. You can then purchase a replacement card for $.50.

My card is worn or broken. Can I get a new card?
Yes, bring your card to the library and it will be replaced for free.

How long can materials be borrowed?
Most materials check out for one three-week period and may be renewed for one additional three-week period if no one is waiting for them.

How do renew my books?
Books and other items may be renewed one time, provided there are no holds on them. You can use any of the following ways to renew your materials:

How much are overdue fines?
Adult cardholders (age 16 and older) are charged 25 cents per day per item (maximum fine of $5). Youth cardholders are charged 10 cents per day per item (maximum fine of $2). When accumulated fees exceed $10, no further checkouts will be allowed. Please ask staff for details if materials are lost or damaged. Damage charges vary and lost item charges include replacement cost plus a processing fee.

Do you have computers that patrons can use for word processing projects or Internet research?
Yes, we have ten computers for patrons to use for word processing or Internet research? Patrons can sign up at the Library Services desk to use these computers. Each patron is allowed 60 minutes a day of computer time.