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Library Board of Trustees
The Carsonville Public Library Board of Trustees meets the first Tuesday of every month. From time to time a special meeting may be held. The meetings will be held in the Conference Room of the Carsonville Public Library. These meetings will run from 8 am-10 am. It is the library's hope that the Library Board of Trustees be a true representation of the community. Individuals are appointed to the Library Board of Trustees. Each board member serves a four year term. Notices for vacant positions will be posted in the library. All interested persons are invited to apply. Candidates for the positions should be intelligent patrons of the library who are knowledgeable of community and library issues. The following is a list of current library board members.

James Weber, President

Barbara Hanson, Vice President

Thomas McConnell, Treasurer

Mary Wakely

Lois Hall

Isobel Hernandez

Isiah Green