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Community Profile


Carsonville is the seventh largest city in Nebraska. It has a population of 23,516. The community is predominantly caucasian but it has a growing ethnic population. Carsonville is a middle-class community. Its economy is based on both agriculture and service and professional occupations. Carsonville is home to the Northeast Community College and the the Nebraska Christian College. Due to its growing ethnic population Carsonville has become home to people from diverse educational, cultural and economic backgrounds. The interests, needs, and values of these individuals are greatly varied.
Carsonville Public Library is is a public facility supported through taxes from the residents of the City of Carsonville, Nebraska. Carsonville Public Library provides library service to the city of Carsonville and to the surrounding communities. Carsonville Public Library is an information center for those who reside in and around Carsonville and for those who attend the institutions of higher education located in Carsonville.