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Mission Statement


It is the mission of Carsonville Public Library to provide access to informational, educational, cultural and recreational library materials and services in a variety of format and technologies. Carsonville Public Library also seeks to be responsive to the public library needs of the community and to uphold the public's freedom of access to information.
The Library Board of Trustees and the staff of Carsonville Public Library are committed to providing free, equal and uncensored access to sources of knowledge, information, programs and services. It is the aim of Carsonville Public Library to connect with all members of the community. Carsonville Public Library strives to serve those members of the community with special needs by providing specialized materials, equipment and services. Carsonville Public Library also seeks to extend the boundaries of the community and patron's libary access by extending information services beyond the Library's walls through the use of digital media and telecommunications technology. To ensure that patrons receive the best possible service, Carsonville Public Library provides ongoing training to staff and trustees. We also hire or appoint individuals who value diversity and are able to work cooperatively with one another.
Carsonville Public Library has many roles to fulfill. It is a lifelong learning center. Carsonville Public Library is a place for personal development and discovery. Carsonville Public Library provides materials that enrich and empower the citizens of our community. It is a resource center. The library provides free and easy access to information in print, audio, video, electronic and computer formats; equipment and facilities for public use; and well trained and knowledgeable staff to meet the informational needs of the public. It is a community builder. The library provides leadership and serves as a source of information for citizens and community organizations, and is an avenue for local organizations to reach the broader community. Lastly, it is a gathering place. Carsonville Public Library welcomes all members of the community and it provides space for community groups and their activities.