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Patron Needs and Library Services


The patrons of Carsonville Public Library are of all ages and interests. Since Carsonville is a diverse community and the site for two higher education institutions there is a great demand for materials on a wide variety of subjects. More than half of the residents of Carsonville have a library card and more than 80% of the population use the library at least once a year. The library has a bookmobile service for residents of local nursing homes and homebound patrons. Carsonville Public Library is a member of both the Nebraska Library Association and the American Library Association. As a member of OCLC, a nationwide bibliographic database service, and through collaboration with other libraries, Carsonville Public Library is able to provide interlibrary loan service for patrons with needs outside the scope of the collection. The Youth Services Department provides programs for both children and young adults. The Youth Services Department also conducts visits with the classes of Carsonville's elementary, middle, and high schools. The community of Carsonville is continuing to grow and change and as a result the needs of the community will change as well. The growing ethnic population will mean a need for for more foreign language materials, bilingual staff, literacy tutoring and cultural awareness materials while the continued advances in technology will mean a need for greater reference services and information skills instruction.