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Hershey Trolley Works

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A photo of a trolley used by Hershey Trolley Works.
Hershey Trolley Works offers a truly unique journey. A singing motorman and conductor in turn-of-the-20th-century garb provide informative commentary and frequent chocolate breaks during this 45-minute bus tour past the sights of Hershey. Visitors get to see Milton Hershey's birthplace, the 1908 mansion that he later built, the factory plus the amusement park, the Hotel Hershey, the rose gardens and the Hershey School. The community of Hershey is a unique one. Its chocolate legacy surrounds you. The aroma of chocolate fills the air there and it has avenues named Chocolate and Cocoa. The streets of Hershey are lined with lights shaped like Hershey Kisses and the Hershey Gardens stand as a tribute to Milton Hershey's wife Catherine. The Hershey Medical Center and the Milton Hershey School are other signs of Milton Hershey's legacy. More than 2 million people a year travel to Hershey. Once there they visit Hershey Park, its world famous amusement park, and ZooAmerica, a North American wild life park featuring 200 animals of 75 species. Milton Hershey created the community of Hershey because he wanted a town for his family and his workers. He hired architects to design homes for his factory workers. He laid out avenues and named them after places cocoa is grown and he mapped out parks, built schools and public buildings.