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Hershey, Pennsylvania

            The Legacy of Milton Hershey

Photo of Hershey's Chocolate Factory taken from Kissing Tower.
Hershey Foods Corporation
The Hershey Bar Mascot, one of the Hershey characters
Hershey Bars
The Hershey Bear it is a symbol of the Hershey Bears Hockey Team.
The Hershey Bears
The Jolly Rancher experience an attraction featured at Hershey's Chocolate World .
Jolly Rancher
A photo of the front of Hershey Lodge and Convention Center.
Hershey Lodge and ConventionCenter
A photo of the Flying Falcon, one of the rides featured at Hershey Park.
Hershey Park
A mural of Milton and Catherine Hershey located in the interior of Hershey Lodge and Convention Conter.
Milton and Catherine Hershey
The Reese's Peanut Butter Cup mascot, a featured Hershey character.
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
A photo of the Kissing Tower, an attraction featured at Hershey Park.
The Kissing Tower
A photo of the trolley used by Hershey Trolley Works.
Hershey Trolley Works